Hair, Scalp & Wig Therapy

Become a certified Hair, Scalp & Wig Specialist

Get In Person 1-1 Practical Training with Aileen

Get hands on with both models and e-models to perfect your craft,

If the online course doesn't suit you, or you want to get a group trained eg. staff, then this is the perfect fit for you.


  1. In-person salon visits from Aileen at a salon of your choice. (Price varies depending on location please contact for further information and inquiries)
  2. Group training in Aileen's salon. (€80 PP, Please contact for availability and for further information)


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(087) 9188946


These come in 3 different shapes and a variety of colors and are ideal for a client with hair thinning.

These can be taped or clipped in just depending on the degree of thinning and the clients' lifestyle, in this education we give the knowledge on purchasing /fitting/pricing/styling all toppers and T-Partings for hair thinning.

Secret Spot

This is a secret spot ideal for frontal alopecia, which is often caused by autoimmune disease.

Secret spots come in one size but we make molds for clients with more hair loss and customize the piece to cover bigger areas. Within this course, you will gain the knowledge to start purchasing/making molds and customizing pieces/cutting & styling.

HSE and NHS funding is available for these fittings.

Gent's Top Extension

Gents' service is a must! So many more boys/men are suffering hair loss,
By fitting top extensions, we are giving our clients their confidence back, 

These pieces can be glued or taped on, depending on the client's lifestyle, we make a mold, cut out pieces to fit perfectly, and tape them.

Glue on, these pieces can last for 4/6 weeks, and clients can swim/go to the gym and get back to enjoying life as normal.